UX/UI Project:
Aromatherapy personal brand's website

  • Client: aromatherapy expert
  • Role: UX/UI designer
  • Project Duration: 4 weeks

The client, having previously used Instagram for product sales, sought a dedicated platform for a more seamless and scalable customer experience.

Creative approach:

  • Setting goals and objectives
  • User research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Ideation
  • Card sorting
  • Site mapping
  • Wireframing
  • UI desing
  • User testing

Setting goals and objectives:

I conducted a detailed interview with the client to identify and understand the business's main tasks and its operational context.
The primary objectives were to create an intuitive user experience, develop a modern brand image, and implement e-commerce functionality for selling essential oils and providing aromatherapy consultations.

Target Audience:

The client has a deep understanding of their target audience. We identified two primary directions and conducted a small survey via Instagram messenger to understand why customers choose this expert and product, and what motivates them to make a purchase
The target audience consisted of health-conscious individuals aged 25-45, female, interested in holistic well-being and the benefits of aromatherapy.

User personas

Personas aggregate insights about real customers into an archetypical representation of a customer. I made 2 user personas to better understand our users, and ensure my design decisions align with the needs and preferences of our target audience.


Vegan Mom from Kyiv
Late 20s
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom, vegan advocate
Interests: Enjoys plant-based living, holistic health, and natural remedies
Challenges & Pain Points:

New to Aromatherapy:
Mila is new to aromatherapy but eager to learn how it can benefit her vegan lifestyle.

Health Concerns:
As a mom, she seeks natural remedies for common health issues, like

Variety Desired:
Mila finds using one aroma boring and is looking for diverse scents to enhance her well-being.

Expert Guidance Needed:
Recognizing aromatherapy's complexity, Mila turned to a specialist for advice and values accurate information.
Preferences & Discoveries:
Olga appreciates sustainable and cruelty-free products in line with her vegan values.She enjoys exploring new scents that cater to her family's well-being.Practical tips on using aromatherapy and content aligning with her vegan values would resonate with Olga.Her aromatherapy journey has evolved, and she now delights in a variety of scents that cater to her specific needs, making it a more enjoyable experience.


Lifestyle Blogger from Lviv
Early 30s
Occupation: Full-time blogger and influencer
Interests: Passionate about aesthetics, lifestyle, and holistic well-being.Shares various aspects of life, including aromatherapy, on her blog.
Challenges & Pain Points:

Content Variety:
Tanya seeks diverse and exclusive content to keep her blog engaging and relevant to her audience.

Product Authenticity:
Values authenticity and is interested in exclusive, high-quality aromatherapy products from reliable sources.

Ethical Considerations:
Appreciates ethical practices and sustainability, and prefers collaborating with brands that align with these values.
Preferences & Discoveries:
Enjoys visually appealing content showcasing the aromatherapy production process.Prefers behind-the-scenes insights into the sourcing and creation of aromatherapy products.Aromatherapy collaborations that promote a holistic lifestyle resonate well with Tanya and her followers.Values products with a story and a focus on ethical and sustainable practices.

Customers appreciate being able to trust the expertise and experience of the aromatherapy specialist. The personal brand, individual example, feelings of trust, and dedication play a significant role.


I used crazy eights ideation technique to generate ideas for the website

Site map:

For creating site map I used Miro board template

Creating Wireframes in Figma:

The wireframes served as the foundational structure of the website, strategically organizing content and features to achieve the project's dual objectives – showcasing products and developing a personal brand.
Visualizing the layout and interactions early on, I refined the user journey, ensuring smooth navigation for visitors interested in both product exploration and expert consultations.
The wireframes not only fostered collaboration with the client but also provided a concrete basis for discussions, enabling alignment on the perception of functionality and design for the web platform.
This approach significantly contributed to the project's success, laying the groundwork for a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing online resource.

Suggested Design Concepts

I created several similar design concepts based on the client's brandbook. One of the versions was chosen by client and I created website design based on it.

User testing

After user testing we realized that for easy and user friendly experience we could add a form "Need a hand?" to each page as part of footer.